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EARLY RELEASE: New 2018 Torc T-1 "Retro" Old-School Full Face Lid

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2018 Torc Retro T-1 Lineup at

We're incredibly stoked to ring in 2018 by introducing TORC’s new T-1 "Retro" full face helmets to our collection. It's most definitely clear to everyone over here at Retro that TORC is raising the bar with the T-1 by offering quality build, an innovative take on a classic design, fantastic paint schemes, and all for a jaw-dropping price that leaves most competitors in the dust...

The Torc T-1 "Retro" is a lightweight full-face lid with a gamut of modern/functional features and sharp looks that have got all of us here at Retro chomping at the bit to scoop one up (as soon as this limited batch of stock is replenished from our boys at Torc, sorry David and Fred). With unquestionably eye-catching, original graphic paint designs, the only real problem is picking which one is the sweetest!

The T-1 helmets come with very 1970's-reminiscent synthetic suede liner as well as faux suede padded chin straps. Along with a comfortable lightweight fit, the T-1 brings innovative and functional features that motorbikers are accustomed to in modern full face designs, which unfortunately have been lacking in many of the old-school full face offerings thus far.

The T-1 boasts both forehead and chin vents, a ratcheting/removable/scratch-resistant polycarbonate optical-quality visor with anti-fogging treatment, and a true fiberglass tri-composite shell (see: very lightweight). Basically, we’re looking at timeless aesthetics, functional design, and the durability and featherweight of real fiberglass coming together to create a banger of a lid that we here at Retro are incredibly pleased to add to our line up (and personal collections).

Lastly, we're amazed that the T-1, certified DOT and ECE 22.05, is being sold for round about a cool hundred dollars (or even more) less than almost all of it's rivals on the market. At half the MSRP of the Bell Bullitt, the newest member to the TORC line-up is hitting on all cylinders...including pocketbook content retention rate.

Torc T-1 Retro Graphic Models at

All things considered, you may want to grab one of these before our limited first batch of stock diminishes or prices inevitably increase once the word gets out on these. Why not make your 2018 resolution to up your two-wheeled noggin safety game with the protection only a full-face design can provide, all without sacrificing quality, safety, or your kid's college fund...

Check out the full line-up here.

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