Could it really be?? An accurate sizing chart for the Torc T-1 Retro Helmet?!

Posted by Fred on 3rd Sep 2019

As much as we all love this helmet here at the shop, we noticed from day one the sizing seemed a bit different than the rest of the Torc line (for instance the T50 open face lids, or T14/T15 full face). This rendered the standard sizing chart provided by Torc a bit off the mark...

So after using/riding with the T1 extensively, we compiled our own experience with the feedback from our many T-1 customers (and many helmets sent back to exchange for the next size down), and realized fairly quickly that the standard Torc sizing chart just wasn't cutting it for the T-1. 

Once we'd ascertained the sizing discrepancy on this particular lid, we went ahead and confirmed with our good buddy ol' pal Lucky Foster over at Torc headquarters that yes indeed these helmets do fit about a size down from the standard Torc sizing chart suggestion. Initially we just added a note in the description for the T-1's on our website, but to further reduce confusion we've gone ahead and customized the chart to accurately reflect the proper sizing for this lovely throwback lid...

Behold! ;)

We hope this'll help streamline your next helmet acquisition, and as always we're available to answer any questions you might have! Stay downright upright out there, road-warriors!