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New T-1 Chrome Mirror Visors in Stock at Retro!

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Yup, Chrome Mirror T-1 Shields are here and we got 'em! Worth the wait, these optically-correct chrome mirror T-1 shields not only provide a slight tint to reduce your daytime sunlit squint, but also look fantastic mounted on any Torc T-1 Helmet. We find the tint on the Chrome Mirror to be slightly less of a tint than the Light Smoke option, making this a great all around shield for riding in a multitude of conditions. In stock and shipping now!

(Shown above mounted on the brand new for 2019 Dreamliner Tan T-1. California palm tree reflections not included!)

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New Daytona Cruiser Video Demo

Here's a nice little demo Daytona's just dropped for their venerable Daytona Cruiser 3/4 helmet. We've been offering these for going on eight years now, and at least to us: it's a modern classic! Still the smallest, lowest-profile 3/4 helmet we've had our hands on! Plus Daytona has really upped their graphics game the last [...]

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EARLY RELEASE: New 2018 Torc T-1 "Retro" Old-School Full Face Lid

We're incredibly stoked to ring in 2018 by introducing TORC’s new T-1 "Retro" full face helmets to our collection. It's most definitely clear to everyone over here at Retro that TORC is raising the bar with the T-1 by offering quality build, an innovative take on a classic design, fantastic paint schemes, and all for [...]

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Holy Maska Batman, Equilibrialist Knox Gringo Visors Have Returned!

After a long hiatus, the coveted Equilibrialist Knox Maska visor for Biltwell Gringo full-face helmets are back in stock!Due to manufacturing complications, we have been waiting for these lovely pieces of kit to make their way back to us from Equilibrialist for some time, with bated breath. After receiving the new batch, we were immediately reminded [...]

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New Grifter MERC's Midnight Gloves Shock and Awe Us

The latest and greatest fine leather offering from Grifter, these Midnight MERC's are pretty damn sexy (and that is coming from someone who is admittedly not the biggest fan of camouflage anything, in general). The shade of the camo Cordura fabric (more on this later) utilized is quite dark, and just subtle enough to accent the [...]

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Fresh Off The Aeroplane: New Halcyon Shipment from the UK

TThis long-awaited shipment of lovely handcrafted goods just arrived from the UK and we couldn't resist setting forth to immediately build this temple of goggles in proper tribute. Truth be told we just never lost our love of childhood fort building...AND WE NEVER WILL.All dubiously stable architecture aside, it's a good day here at Retro: [...]

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2017 Torc T-50 "Grizzly": New Flash for Grizzled Souls

Maybe we're just biased, being California natives and all, but we had to throw up a quick post on these new 2017 Grizzly flake lids from Torc. Available in Gold, Black, and Rootbeer metalflakes, and overlaid with the silhouette of our beloved state mammal (RIP).The really classy part is the graphics/fonts on these are semi-transparent, [...]

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Help Wanted: Warehouse Staff/Shipping Coordinator

We have recently relocated to lovely Irwindale, California and have an open warehouse position available now. We are looking for a shipping coordinator to handle our company’s shipping and receiving needs as well as warehouse maintenance. The position holds room for growth within the company and promotions with increased responsibilities dependent upon performance. Hours are part-time [...]

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New 2017 Biltwell Helmet Collection - In Stock and Shipping!

Once again, our boys at Biltwell do not disappoint! Kicking off 2017 with six new Bonanza colors, including the reintroduction of the classic Rootbeer Megaflake, which was always a personal favorite here at Retro: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for our money no one does a better rootbeer flake than Biltwell. The resurrection [...]

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Proud to add US-Made Grifter Bison Leather Gloves to the Retro Repertoire...

We've been waiting to get these one-of-a-kind short style riding gloves from Grifter for some time, and they were well worth the wait. Each pair is constructed by hand using premium bison leather (in some cases combined with heavy-duty 13.5 denim, or super-soft deer hide). The organic and thus unique nature of every piece of leather, [...]

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