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MotoStuka Shanks Gloves - Oak

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MotoStuka Shanks Leather Gloves in Oak - Palm

A truly beautiful pair of handcrafted leather gloves, made in America by our fine friends over at MotoStuka. Every pair of these produced is unique, and just a little different than any other pair, owing to the slight variations of a high quality organic medium such as hand-treated leather.

MotoStuka applies their proprietary "Treatment" to each and every pair, for a nice broken in feel right out of the package. Then finished out with waxed thread, they’re finally conditioned with a proprietary leather balm composed of locally sourced natural ingredients, the recipe of which is only slight less mysterious than that of Coca-Cola. This secret recipe waterproofs the leather and results in the leather's final distressed but lustrous appearance.

Every glove is unique in color and feel, and the whole reason we all love real leather: they only look/feel better every passing ride!