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MotoStuka Jet U-Bag Travel Satchel

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MotoStuka Jet U-Bag Rugged Travel Satchel - Top Overview

Just looking at this rough and rugged satchel makes us want to get the hell out of dodge and never look back! Constructed of rugged materials in the classic cylindrical U-Bag design. It's design ethic: 100% Form as Function. Perfect for days/weeks/months on the open road, but just as home hopping a plane with you to wherever...

Constructed of heavy, lined waxed black canvas and 100% genuine leather, you can be sure the Jet U-Bag will only get better and better in the looks department over the miles and years.

Adjustable strap allows for over-the-shoulder wear, or side saddle messenger-bag style, depending on your preference.

Measurements: 10.5" Diameter, 21" Depth.

100% Hand-made in the U.S.A.