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MotoStuka Enduro Tank-Bag

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MotoStuka Enduro Tank-Bag - Rear Overview

When we initially stumbled across MotoStuka and their fine assortment of classy leather moto goods, the Enduro Tank Bag is what really stood out to us: finally a way to carry the bare essentials you need without sullying up the looks of your prize steed with some goofy nylon contraption that looks more like a second-graders backpack than something that belongs mounted atop the holiest of holies...

Sure we appreciate the hell out of the looks, but the Enduro is fully functional as well: it snugs up to your motorbike using a snap-and-strap system, which allows solid mounting to fiberglass, aluminum, and steel tanks. 

The strap system is softly covered of course, so no worry about scratches, etc. The tank bag itself features generous insulated padding, ideal for carrying tools, phone, camera, or any other small goods you see fit! Hand-distressed leather lends a unique vintage shine that elevates this little piece from "functional" to downright aesthetically enhancing. 

Bag Measurements: 9.5" wide, 12" long,  4" deep.

100% Hand-made in the U.S.A.