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Halcyon Laminated Glass Replacement Split Lens - Amber

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Halcyon Laminated Glass Replacement Split Lens in Amber for Mark Series Aviator Goggles

These laminated glass lenses provide unparalleled optical clarity...once you go glass, you'll never go back! These amber lenses enhance detail and are a blast to ride seeing the world in IMAX is the best way we can put it. 

Lenses provide UV protection, and are treated with a heavy duty scratch-resistant coating. World War II style "split" lens design not only looks meaner than a Supermarine Spitfire, but also provides an incredibly wide field of vision and enhanced peripheral vision. The lenses are fixed within a brass channel that slots seamlessly within the goggle frame. The Halcyon goggle/lens design allows lenses to be changed quickly, easily, and securely.

These lenses will fit all Halcyon goggles which feature split lenses.