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Halcyon 830 Bar End Mirror - Stainless Steel

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Halcyon 830 Round Bar End Mirror for Motorcycles, Bobbers, Cafe Racers, etc

Formerly produced by Stadium in the UK, this may be the last high-quality bar end mirror out there. Crafted by hand in the UK, the 830 is a legend in it's own right: 100mm diameter. Meticulously polished Stainless Steel construction prevents corrosion. Spring tensioned joint allows mirror to pivot inward when parking in tight spaces. Built solid to last, the 830 provides a smooth field of rearward vision that other cheap knock off mirrors can only shake in their boots at. (Shake...get it!?)

The included expandable fitting is suitable for handlebars ranging from 7/8" to 1" in diameter with an inside dimension of between 17.5mm and 21mm...virtually any handlebar.

Note: These mirrors may not meet the DOT-Standard for US vehicle parts, and as such are not intended for use on the road. These are novelty replica items for off-road use only.