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Halcyon 820 Bar End Mirror - Stainless Steel

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Halcyon 835 Napoleon Style Bar End Motorcycle Mirror in Stainless Steel for Cafe Racers, Bobbers, etc

Formerly produced by Stadium in the UK, this may be the last high quality Napoleon style bar-end mirror on the market. Crafted by hand in the UK, the 820 is a legend in it's own right: Meticulously polished Stainless Steel construction prevents corrosion. Spring tensioned joint allows mirror to pivot inward when parking in tight spaces. Built solid to last, the 820 provides a smooth field of rearward vision that other cheap knock off mirrors can only shake in their boots at. (Shake...get it!?)

The included expandable fitting is suitable for handlebars ranging from 7/8" to 1" in diameter with an inside dimension of between 17.5mm and 21mm...virtually any handlebar.

Note: These mirrors may not meet the DOT-Standard for US vehicle parts, and as such are not intended for use on the road. These are novelty replica items for off-road use only.