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The "we ain't no johnny-come-lately company!" blog post

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This guy also evidently just discovered the thrill of Instagram...

A hearty hello to all our new instagram chums we were introduced to last night! Although we'd prefer to meet you all in person and have a rousing good time over drinks and motorcycles of all varieties, the privilege of meeting you electronically is still a great one and we're much obliged...

Although we’ve only just begun our rise to IG stardom (at least in our own minds haha) very recently and may appear as some first-year rookie outfit, the reality is quite contrary. We have been heavy hitters in the old-school motorcycle gear industry for almost 8 years now. By now we are anything but novices: we are battle-tested in the realm of seeking out the finest moto goods, packaging ‘em up right quick, and not charging outrageous shipping costs to get your fine selection of new gear into your hands pronto.

Emergent on the landscape of social media? Admittedly. Highly experienced in the one of knowledgeable and reliable service? Absolutely! Take a quick gander at yesterday's blog post to read about our motivation behind this fat giveaway.

Now that you know we aren't some johnny-come-lately group of amateur hour bandwagon hoppers, here is a brief bit about our company and the values we uphold:

We're proud to have been providing the best in no-nonsense gear with the proper look, at the right price, since 2008. Our mission statement: Providing unique, functional, and great looking gear for the discerning rider. We are a small rider owned and operated business since 2008. This is a passion for us and we only carry gear that we dig! Every item you see on our site has been ridden with and tested by us, so not only do we stand behind our products but we can informatively answer any questions you may have on any of our items.

Stay tuned for ways to increase your chances to win this $200 Biltwell shopping spree. Winners will be announced via IG August 19th. Good luck fellow moto warriors!

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