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Proud to add US-Made Grifter Bison Leather Gloves to the Retro Repertoire...

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Grifter Scoundrel Gloves

We've been waiting to get these one-of-a-kind short style riding gloves from Grifter for some time, and they were well worth the wait. Each pair is constructed by hand using premium bison leather (in some cases combined with heavy-duty 13.5 denim, or super-soft deer hide). The organic and thus unique nature of every piece of leather, combined with Grifter's proprietary hand-applied "antique treating", results in no two pairs of Grifters being exactly alike, so every single pair is truly one of a kind...

These gloves have a soft, flexible, "worn-in" feel to them, right out of the box. The stifling "straitjacket suffocating your hand" claustrophobic feeling we've experienced with many brand new gloves from bigger box store brands is nowhere to be found/felt here. For lack of a better comparison, it's like pulling on your old favorite t-shirt that fits and feels just right. Immediate comfort that'll quickly have you forgetting you're even wearing gloves at all. As it stands, every single one of us here at Retro snagged a pair for ourselves as soon as they showed up. After a couple weeks and a few solid rides, we felt qualified to give you an informed break down.

On initial examination, the craftsmanship and meticulous construction lit up smiles all around before we even slid 'em on. Depending on the model, these gloves are hand-made of nothing but the best leather, denim, deer hide, and heavy duty double stitched reinforcing thread. No gimmicks, venting, armor, or synthetic space age materials...just good old fashioned leather gloves how they used to make 'em before plastic was invented. Even a slight whiff of that unmistakable leather smell brought me back to my first baseball mitt, and favorite leather coat after that. Call me crazy but the unmistakable scent of real leather smells better than just about anything...

Starting with the Scoundrel Gloves, it's easy to see how Grifter initially made a name for themselves mostly on the merit of these deceptively simple mitts. They really just feel right, the second you put them on. I'm not sure if it's the quality of leather used or the top-secret antiquing treatment...or both...but man do these feel just right the second you slide 'em on! None of the stiff suffocating lack of motion and dexterity we've unfortunately come to expect from most moto gloves on the market today...just soft, pliable motion that feels like an extension of your hand. Throttle response and braking with these is a pleasure one isn't aware they were previously missing out on: you can actually feel what the hell you're doing down to the subtlest flick of the throttle! Shop favorite already, you truly can't go wrong on these:

Grifter Scoundrel Gloves

If you're looking for something a bit more sophisticated on the aesthetics, check out the Rangers (left below) and Classics (right below): While both gloves feature the Bison leather palm of the Scoundrel, the Classic's top half is constructed of super-soft deer hide (dyed black for that black and tan contrast), while the Ranger features 12 oz American Cone heavy-duty Denim top construction. Leather and denim folks, two staples of american durability packed into one American-made glove. Too much good stuff:

Grifter Ranger and Classic Moto Gloves

If supreme comfort and a unique look floats your boat, look no further than the out-seam design of the Marauder. The external stitching of this bison leather masterpiece features every single seam sewn on the outside. Result? The smoothest, softest glove you've ever tried on. No more inner seams caught under your fingernails and scratching the top of your hand up every time you go for a shift or braaap. Sure, they've got a unique look to em, but if form-as-function is your credo, these puppies can't be beat:

Grifter Marauder Gloves

Last but not least is the Limited Edition Kuro Ranger, similar to it's original Ranger cousin but featuring a softer Italian Candiani Selvedge Black 13.5 oz Denim over a premium deer hide palm and all black color scheme for all you midnight riders. Get em while they last:

Grifter Kuro Rangers Riding Gloves

And for the ladies on two wheels, we offer the stylish yet rugged Hana model. Same rugged bison leather palm as Grifter's other models, but featuring a classic Japanese floral patter of heavy duty fabric across the top. Every gal who lays hands on these so far loves 'em! Just the right combo of grit and style for the distinguished moto dame:

Grifter Hana Riding Gloves

Scope out the whole line up here...we've got all models and size in stock and Free 2-4 Day Shipping on all Grifters while they last!

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