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New Grifter MERC's Midnight Gloves Shock and Awe Us

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Grifter MERC's Midnight Leather/Cordura Moto Gloves - Pair

The latest and greatest fine leather offering from Grifter, these Midnight MERC's are pretty damn sexy (and that is coming from someone who is admittedly not the biggest fan of camouflage anything, in general). 

The shade of the camo Cordura fabric (more on this later) utilized is quite dark, and just subtle enough to accent the black Bison leather palms without overpowering the whole operation. With an impressive history of new and unprecedented fabric selections to complement their fine leather riding gloves, it should be no surprise that Grifter have pulled it off yet again. 

Grifter MERC's Midnight Leather/Cordura Moto Glove - Top

Now a word on Cordura: if you are unfamiliar with this unique synthetic fabric, here's a little history to get you up to speed: originally invented by DuPont in 1929, Cordura was originally utilized in the tires of US military vehicles during WW2. Soon thereafter it's strength, durability, and moisture-resistance found it's place in military uniforms, rucksacks, and even parachutes, where it still sees widespread use in these applications by armed forces worldwide. 

In other words, Cordura might just be the perfect material for a resilient, breathable motorcycle glove. Well, besides leather, of course. But no need to plant a flag when you can have both, thanks to the masterminds at Grifter. 

Grifter MERC's Midnight Cordura/Leather Moto Glove - Palm

Speaking of leather, these gloves feature the same ultra-soft Bison leather Grifter made their bones with on their original Scoundrel glove. However these have been dyed black, perhaps to match the soul of any damned fool with so little self-regard as to regularly mock Death atop two-wheels...? 

In any case, as with every glove in the Grifter line, these come right out of the package unbelievably pliable, soft, and comfy as all get out. We sell a lot of gloves, and we like them all, but we've yet to find a leather glove that can quite match the luxuriant feel of Grifter leather. Especially upon first wear. 

Also in accord with all Grifter offerings, the MERC's midnight glove are handcrafted with love right here in these United States of America. We've got these bad boys in stock in all sizes, so quit lurking and get to merc'ing, son. 

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