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Holy Maska Batman, Equilibrialist Knox Gringo Visors Have Returned!

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Equilibrialist Knox Maska visors on Biltwell Gringo helmets at the RetroBikeGear showroom

After a long hiatus, the coveted Equilibrialist Knox Maska visor for Biltwell Gringo full-face helmets are back in stock!

Due to manufacturing complications, we have been waiting for these lovely pieces of kit to make their way back to us from Equilibrialist for some time, with bated breath. After receiving the new batch, we were immediately reminded of why these bad boys have remained so high in demand: they're just ridiculously cool. 

We've loved this design since it first dropped on the scene...matter fact Retro was the very first online shop to stock the Equilibrialist line almost exactly a year ago. Being as we've also been slinging Biltwell lids since 2009, we were over the moon to see such a perfectly complimentary add-on come out for the venerable Biltwell Gringo helmet. 

It's hard to improve on perfection, but the Maska visor does exactly that. Replicating and improving upon long-forgotten strap/goggle designs in Europe during the 70's, the Maska visor enhances the throwback full-face aesthetic of the Gringo with a touch of handmade leather-clad class. 

Equilibrialist Knox Maska in Black/Tinted on Bourbon Metallic Biltwell Gringo Helmet

The fit and finish on these pieces is second to none. It's clear that our boy Tristan, the mastermind behind Equilibrialist, put a lot of thought into every step of the design and development process. From the die-cut "E" logo on the side buckle, to the Equilibrialist stamped stainless steel rivets and snaps, the attention to detail is meticulously executed. 

The strap is affixed to the visor on both sides by buckles utilizing classic helmet-visor style snaps, which allows the strap to be removed from the visor (more on this later). The hand-stitching found throughout the trim is flawless, and is reminiscent of some of the nicer custom leather seats we've seen atop custom moto builds. 

Equilibrialist Knox Maska visor in Tan/Clear on Spectrum White Biltwell Gringo

Running horizontally across the top and bottom of the lens are a series of small reinforcing rivets. If you look closely you'll notice that three of them align perfectly with the three stock Gringo snaps. Nice. 

Speaking of snaps (or lack thereof), the Knox Maska will indeed work with both the Original Gringo, as well as the Gringo-S. All that's needed in the case of the Gringo-S is to unscrew the stock shield via two phillips head screws, and voila: Maska-ble

Stitched at the center of the elastic strap in the rear you'll find a pull-down snap harness. Theoretically this would utilize the goggle strap retainer snap found on some helmets. Granted, the Gringo doesn't include a goggle snap in stock form, however we have seen a few of our customers customize their Gringo with just such a modification. And again: it really does look the business.

Another nice touch is the subtle cloth tag stitched at the bottom, in Equilibrialist's trademark red/white/blue. It might go unnoticed upon first glance, but it's just another example of the attention to detail put into this design that ultimately results in a finished product that screams craftsmanship from the rooftops. 

Equilibrialist Knox Maska Visor in Burgundy/Tinted on Biltwell Gringo Tracker Helmet

After riding with both the tinted and clear lens, the optics are exactly what's to be expected in a quality piece of gear such as this, and we didn't notice any distortion or glare. 

It's worth noting however that one must be careful to avoid potentially scratching the lens when initially putting the visor onto the lid...we've found the best method is to position the visor over the helmet eyeport in the front first, and then slide the strap over the top of the helmet down to the rear. Reverse that process to take it off. 

This sounds deceptively simple, but the tension from the elastic on these is no joke. Obviously a good thing to ensure it stays secured to the helmet, but it can make installation/removal a little tricky. 

We have The Knox visor in a color for every day of the week, including TanBlackBurgundyHunter GreenYellow, and Blue. All colors come in two lens options, Clear or Tinted. One thing we love about the design of these is that, thanks to the removable strap, any combination of the aforementioned colors is possible (see Tan/Green combo at top left of first photo). 

Not only does this afford a slew of color combo possibilities, but it also means a Clear and a Tinted visor can be swapped out using the same strap. Since all color/lens straps and visors can be purchased separately, if an additional lens is desired, only the visor need be purchased. The whole process of switching visors takes about 10 seconds, making this a convenient option for adjusting your optics to suit various light conditions. 

Equilibrialist Knox Maska in Tan/Tinted on Baja Blue Biltwell Gringo

In Conclusion

A few thoughts after riding with one of these over the course of the last year:

The strap is still insanely secure after a year's worth of use and being taken on off. This also means the visor is affixed to the helmet very securely...which does inhibit airflow slightly more than say, a Biltwell Bubble Shield or Blast Shield visor. 

This might not make the Maska the first choice for an all-day ride on scorcher days in summer. Conversely however, this does make for a slight improvement in preventing nose-icicles from forming on those dubious rides in the dead of winter, for all you die-hards out there...

The snug fit does also result in a noticeable reduction in wind noise as compared to any other visor option for the Gringo. If you like to ride with headphones, you'll notice you can now listen to music at a comfortable volume that doesn't result in ear bleeds when trying to compete with the wind cacophony at highway speeds.

Overall the Knox Maska from Equilibrialist is probably our favorite helmet add-on of all time. Being as we have literally zero returns on these, it would seem we're not alone in that sentiment...check em out here.

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