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Fresh Off The Aeroplane: New Halcyon Shipment from the UK

Posted by Fred on 29th Aug 2017

Halcyon Leather Aviator Goggles and Mirrors In Stock at RetroBikeGear.comT

This long-awaited shipment of lovely handcrafted goods just arrived from the UK and we couldn't resist setting forth to immediately build this temple of goggles in proper tribute. Truth be told we just never lost our love of childhood fort building...AND WE NEVER WILL.

All dubiously stable architecture aside, it's a good day here at Retro: Halcyon makes some of our favorite gear...these goggles just produce an undeniable urge to recklessly fly a biplane at low altitudes...hell, maybe even shoot down a tri-plane or two. But being as we're fresh out of biplanes at the moment, we're content to tilt the horizon with two wheels in lieu of two wings...

Brass frames, stainless steel hardware, hand-stitched genuine leather, and steel-framed swappable lenses all combine to produce the immediate impression of old school industrial-grade Quality any time we hold a pair of these in our hands. 

They just don't make 'em like they used to...well, except for our mates over at Halcyon, who've been producing quality aviator and pilot goggles to the same high standard for over half a century. Take a gander at our ample selection of Halcyon goggles here. We've also now got Amber Laminated Glass lenses in stock for all Halcyon Mark 9 and Mark 49 series! These amber lenses not only lend a nice flash to the look of your specs, but riding with them is like seeing the world in IMAX. Instant smiles for miles on the first test ride with these.

Speaking of which, we've also received a small batch of their famously resilient stainless steel bar end mirrors. Accept no imitations, the Halcyon 820830, and 835 are still made in England and may very well be the last bar-end style mirrors still available which aren't made overseas. 

One particular reason we're big fans is the polished stainless-steel construction throughout. Whereas many knock-offs are covered in paint or a thin (aka cheap-looking) chrome finish, the Halcyon's are nothing but raw steel that's been polished to a near mirror finish. If you like the look of a classic napoleon style mirror but can do without the blindness-inducing flash of chrome, these mirrors are your huckleberry.

Alright, off now to go shoot down some Fokkers...