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New 2017 Biltwell Helmet Collection - In Stock and Shipping!

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Once again, our boys at Biltwell do not disappoint! 

Kicking off 2017 with six new Bonanza colors, including the reintroduction of the classic Rootbeer Megaflake, which was always a personal favorite here at Retro: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for our money no one does a better rootbeer flake than Biltwell. The resurrection of the Flat Olive and Hazard Orange brings us back to the good ol' days when these colors were only available in the (now discontinued) Biltwell Novelty lid. Up til now only available in the Gringo-S, the Bonanza is now available in Blood Red as well. And two brand new heretofore never seen colorways are the Blue Steel and the Tracker in Black/Silver.

The full-face Gringo model also copped one color from the old Novelty line, the Flat Chocolate. This was one of our favorites back in the day, it's got a bit more character than Flat Black without attracting too much attention. Charcoal Metallic and Baja Blue also make an appearance, while the real eye-catcher of the lot is another brand new shade for Biltwell: Bourbon Metallic. This is a real beauty and features the rich depth of a Rootbeer but without the flash of the flake...

Rounding out the arsenal is the Gringo-S model, with integrated flip-up shield. New colors include Blue AgaveFlat Titanium, the ever-so-barely-green Polar Green. The Blue Agave Gringo-S, with it's throwback silver/blue/green hue and chrome trim, is already proving to be a best seller right out the gate. 

13 new helmet designs, just in time for Christmas. We have all of these in stock and shipping now, with free 2-3 day shipping included in the price of admission. It's going to be a good year...

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